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Case Studies

Power Solutions Case Studies – How We’ve Helped Clients

QPS is dedicated to helping our clients

How has Quality Power Solutions helped real companies with their backup power needs? No matter the company size or industry, we work side-by-side with our customers to keep their businesses running.

From family-owned operations to enterprise corporations, QPS takes a comprehensive, consultative approach to product selection, project solutions and maintenance services.

Here are just some of the ways we have helped our clients.

How QPS Solved Clients’ Backup Power Challenges


A&E Incorporated’s growth changed their need for clean, reliable power. QPS provided a scalable, modular UPS turnkey solution syncing with their existing generator.

AdairQPS helped the Adair County Health System with a scalable, modular replacement UPS and a variety of smart PDU’s, allowing for built in communications to their critical loads.

Affinity_Health_System_Program_in_Radiologic_Technology_512721_i0Affinity Health looked to QPS for a UPS upgrade that reduced the risk of downtime and improved response time.

City of FDLQPS assisted the City of Fond du Lac in an emergency response situation to ensure that the IT networks, computer center and telephone service was restored within 24 hours of receiving the call.

City of MKEThe City of Milwaukee’s parking structure did not have emergency lighting. QPS replaced two lighting inverters restoring the structure back to code.

Lake CountyLake County, Illinois improved employee safety and mitigated hazards caused by electrical arc flash through their partnership with QPS.

V. Marchese IncAfter produce wholesaler V. Marchese, Inc. experienced a costly power outage, it chose QPS to design and install a complete power solution to prevent future downtime.

midwest-famly-broadcastingQPS’ Emergency Response process helped Midwest Family Broadcasting in Madison, WI avoid a potential power outage disaster.

midwest-famly-broadcastingWe provided an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system install for Mid-West Family Broadcasting’s Springfield, Missouri facility to supporting nine broadcast studios and a data center and broadcast technical hub.

pershing-logo1Find out how we helped Pershing, a global financial solutions provider, with a UPS Removal with no downtime or disruption.

weycoWeyco Group, maker of popular shoe brands, relies on QPS to make sure its 1 million-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility is ready for any obstacle.

Park Bank was in need of a UPS system that could meet current demand and provide expansion capability for the future. QPS implemented a solution that fit the bill.

Hatco-LogoHatco required a first rate power backup solution.  QPS designed and engineered a plan that included a UPS system and a generator, as well as turnkey installation.

WMTV_LogoDuring the construction of their new facility, we worked with WMTV NBC-15 to define data center critical physical infrastructure parameters based on today’s needs and tomorrows possibilities.