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Project Management by Certified Power Quality Professionals

Project Management

Custom project solutions require project management by certified power quality professionals. Improper power installations can often cause more problems than improper design, manufacturer selection or service. This is why Quality Power Solutions places great emphasis on the CPQ certification for its on-site inspection services.

Find out how QPS can help plan, implement and inspect your power backup project.

Power Solutions Management and Planning Process

Executive Briefing – Onsite Services

We begin the planning process with any custom project by conducting an Executive Briefing with key members of your team to outline our recommendations, installation plan, and timeline for your project.

Project Planning – Onsite Services

QPS places high importance on the project planning step and carefully plans installation tasks, timelines, and progress inspections. Delivery requirements and coordination for required electrical shutdown, for example, are among many considerations covered in the QPS project plan.

Product Procurement

As a complete source for power protection, QPS will be responsible for procuring all power equipment and vendors necessary to complete your project.

QPS has strong relationships with a variety of equipment manufacturers, ensuring that products and parts are available to complete the project on time.

Project Management

In addition to selecting the proper equipment for your application, a successful project requires the completion of the installation on time and on budget. As project managers, we will manage all of the contractors and equipment suppliers involved in your installation.

Installations often require coordination of subcontractors and client employees, as well as multiple tasks and deliverables. QPS stays on top of project requirements and provides you with regular updates and ensuring quality control throughout the project.

Product Final Project Inspection

Our certification as Power Quality Professionals means that we have demonstrated a high level of knowledge, competence, experience and ethical fitness.

In an environment where an installers skill level may not be known, it is comforting to know that a QPS Certified Power Quality Professional (CPQ) will make an on-site inspection to assure that all power installation projects have been completed properly.

Learn more about the Certified Power Quality Professional.

A&E Manufacturing UPS system

Case Study: A&E Manufacturing

Find out how QPS provided a turnkey solution for a manufacturing company syncing their modular UPS with their existing generator.

QPS gave us excellent and clear communication surrounding the timelines for projects.