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Maintaining a Safe Power Backup System

Safety is the most important part of our job and success at QPS. Service on electronic and electrical equipment is very dangerous and demanding. Maintaining awareness of all potential hazards is crucial to our employees’ and our customers’ well-being.

All QPS Field Service Technicians and Field Engineers complete extensive and continuous safety training before they step a foot on any customer environment. Our safety program strongly adheres to NFPA 70E , OSHA, EPA and state and local governmental regulations.

How does our focus on safety help our clients?

  • By ensuring the properly trained technicians are working on their equipment
  • By performing a site analysis prior to beginning any work, helping our customers to be aware of any safety concerns.
  • By recommendation and implementing of an arc flash service analysis

Find out how our focus on safety can help keep your business running.

Power Safety is Paramount

To establish a culture of safety awareness for all employees, QPS has utilized the NFPA 70E guidelines to create and maintain a written safety program. The NFPA 70E program’s primary focus is the establishment of an electrically safe work environment. QPS technicians retain this focus while performing electrical work in compliance with the steps put forth by NFPA 70E.

Requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluating and labeling equipment that poses arc flash risk
  • Continuous training
  • Performing work with proper insulated tools
  • Utilizing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE includes flame-resistant clothing, gloves and face shields.

At QPS, safety for our technicians and our customers is paramount. Find out how our focus on safety can help prepare your business for backup power needs.