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Arc Flash Analysis

An arc flash occurs when an electrical path is broken in some way and the electricity jumps or “arcs” to a nearby grounded object. It is basically the same as lightning but can often be much more powerful and dangerous. It is usually caused by exposed wire where the rubber insulation has broken down or has been damaged.

It also commonly occurs when someone (an electrical worker, electrician, or certified power quality professional) is working in or around a live, open electrical panel and accidentally comes in contact with the exposed electrical circuit.

Is your facility protected from an arc flash? Contact QPS for an analysis.

Why Is Arc Flash Analysis Important?

Arc Flash repair services

Quality Power Solutions provides Arc Flash analysis (also known as: arc flash study, ground fault study, power distribution study, or incident energy analysis) of your facility’s electrical system.

The Arc Flash Study will determine potential weak areas throughout your electrical system; areas that would pose the danger of electrocution, electrical incidents, and even electrical arc blasts.

National code and local work regulations require all technicians to have experience in arc flash environments. QPS Field Service Engineers and Technicians undergo continual training and updating of their skills to ensure they are code compliant and can implement arc flash protection services.

Ensuring your workers’ safety and meeting the challenges of the new arc flash safety requirements can be a difficult task to accomplish in-house. QPS can provide you with arc flash hazard analysis which provides you with a site review and compliance assessment, as well as verifying hazard ratings and establishing settings for all protective devices.

Arc Flash Safety

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