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EnerSys UPS Batteries

This global batteries manufacturer has been around for over 100 years. Throughout its time it has always been at the forefront of delivering to the demand for UPS batteries. EnerSys has produced many battery brands, some of the more popular brands are DataSafe, PowerSafe, NexSys, Odyssey, Genesis, and many more. Overall, EnerSys is a company that understands that the UPS battery is the heart of the UPS system.

Does your EnerSys UPS battery need to be replaced?

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EnerSys DataSafe HX

The DataSafe HX batteries series offer high-level solutions for a range of UPS systems. These batteries are low maintenance and high power. All DataSafe HX batteries feature valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) technology.

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EnerSys Genesis NP

The EnerSys Genesis NP UPS battery series is a heavy duty battery line, making it very performance dependable. This rechargeable sealed lead acid battery series is reliable and energy efficient.

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EnerSys DataSafe XE

The EnerSys DataSafe XE UPS batteries are low cost, space efficient, and reliable. What sets this battery series apart from others, is its high-rate discharge run times. This battery series is a viable option for high-scale data centers.

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