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Refurbished UPS Battery Modules and Battery Systems

If batteries are the engine of a UPS system, then keeping the engine running and in good health cost-effectively is paramount.

Industry recommendations are that VRLA UPS systems have batteries replaced every 3 to 5 years during the life cycle of the system.

UPS battery replacement can be costly for businesses, especially in systems with numerous batteries. Refurbished battery modules are often a more efficient way to replace UPS batteries and can provide savings up to 50% for replacement when purchased from a reliable source.

QPS technicians pack, test, and certify all their refurbished battery modules on-site, as well as offering the ability to safely perform the replacement for clients. Refurbished UPS battery modules are a great alternative option for businesses. Check out our options for refurbished battery modules below.

Is your UPS ready for refurbished battery modules?

Refurbished UPS Battery Modules We Provide

APC Symmertra LX (4-16kVA)

Part #: SYBT5

Liebert Nfinity

Part #: 200544G2

APC Symmetra PX (10-80 kVA)

Part #: SYBTU1-PLP

MGE Galaxy 3500

Part #: SYBTU1-PLP

APC Symmetra PX (10-80 kVA)

Part #: SYBT4

Eaton / Powerware 9170+

Part #: ASY-0529


Part #: SYBTU1-PLP

Symmetra Power Array

Part #: SYBATT

Toshiba 1600 XP/XPi

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QPS Field Service Engineers and Technicians that service or replace your battery modules are also trained to service the UPS system

No matter the brand, we service it all!

QPS Technicians always do a great job, very thorough and professional.