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QPS Customer Testimonials

QPS is committed to quality service and solutions. So much so that we made it a part of our name. We take pride in empowering the success of our customers and do everything in our power to keep them running.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

I’ve said it a million times….you guys are sooooo awesome to do business with….it’s old school….take care of the customer…. I’ve called on stuff that I didn’t expect an answer much less a solution on for a few days…. and bam…. you guys come back with something that day……I really appreciate it…..!!!!

Denise C.

Kenosha, WI

Nicely done. Especially like the heads up to the field personnel on the safety orientation requirements. That is another indicator of the level of professionalism and thoroughness I like seeing with Quality Power.

Michael L.

Omaha, NE

A quick thank you for the help. I am very pleased to be working with QPS. Our switch to QPS was probably the smartest decision I’ve made since assuming my position. Thanks again.

Gus U.

West Bend, WI

Conscientious vendors like QPS, represented by true professionals like you, make our jobs easier and allow us to focus on protecting the environment for our client! Thank you!

Mark K.

Milwaukee, WI

QPS provided us with the right solution that met our needs while managing every aspect of the project from planning to final installation. They were easy to work with and we now have a mission critical backup configuration.

Martin C.

Appleton, WI

The business philosophy at QPS is the same as ours-Always consider what is best for the customer, treat your customers as friends & work every day to earn the right to do business with them.

Al N.

Milwaukee, WI

As an IBM Business Partner I am very concerned with customer satisfaction and loyalty. One big factor in my success is the partnership I have with QPS. I know that when I engage QPS with my customers, QPS spends time determining their needs, and then offers unbiased solutions using the latest technologies. Their service, support and knowledge is second to none. I highly recommend them!

Brian B.

Harrisonburg, VA

QPS excels at communication and scheduling. They show up on time and get the work done.

Paul C.

Appleton, WI

We were immensely appreciative of QPS’s upfront communication from scheduling, expenses, maintenance, recommendations to follow-up reports.

Jackie W.

Windsor, WI

QPS gave us excellent and clear communication surrounding the timelines for projects.

Troy B.

Cottage Grove, WI

Love the customer support and proactiveness of QPS’s customer team.

Zachery K.

St. Michael, MN

Communication was great and service was prompt.

Demetrius C.

Louisville, KY

Our QPS Technician gave really good feedback and was very knowledgeable.

Timothy L.

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

QPS service was quick and efficient!

Mike H.

Madison, WI

QPS continues to be friendly and professional in all of our interactions.

Kent S.

Madison, WI

QPS is always on time and reaches out regularly to schedule regular PM so that we don’t have to keep track of it ourselves.

Thomas P.

Milwaukee, WI

We had a television production truck with a mechanically governed generator that was providing unstable power. We tried several different options without success. QPS understood our needs and provided us with the best solutions for stable power. The QPS system worked flawlessly.

Mike L.

Portland, ME

Wonderful communication and follow through from the QPS team.

Jason M.

Ramsey, MN

QPS Techs are very knowledgeable, easy to work with, can answer questions about the system and take great care in taking the UPS system off line for the PM and returning it to service.


QPS Technicians always do a great job, very thorough and professional.

Bobby K.

Pewaukee, WI

The pre-sales engineering and technical effort from QPS was great. They ensured project implementation on cutover day went without a hitch.

Matthew W.

Deerfield, IL

QPS continues to be friendly and professional in all of our interactions.

Kent S.

Madison, WI

The QPS team has always been very responsive and professional. The technician has been here several times and is always able to answer any of my questions. Same goes for when I have had to reach out to the sales and accounting staff.

James B.

Bristol, VA

QPS’s attention to detail is unmatched.

Charlie L.

Potosi, WI

Great scheduling and communication! The QPS tech called me in advance to let me know of his arrival time. I also received timely follow up on field service reports.

Liz L.

Mauston, WI

QPS does customer service really well and is additionally reliable and knowledgeable. I rely on QPS for maintaining critical infrastructure at the Airport. They are a highly knowledgeable group, with a solid team approach. They are a solid group from Sales to Account Management to Billing to Installation.

Tony B.

Milwaukee, WI

All service was excellent. Thank you QPS!

Sergio V.

San Jose, CA

Big fan of QPS’s ability and willingness to explain to the customer what they are doing and why.

Steve B.

Marinette, WI