UPS System Design

Site Surveys & UPS Design

UPS System Design and Site Surveys

A site survey is a critical first step in any UPS system design to ensure the appropriate power solution is in place for your business or facility. QPS takes the extra time upfront to ensure all power requirements and considerations have been taken into account before designing a data center.

A proper UPS data center design is critical to the pre-installation process and prior to equipment selection. With so many options available, numerous questions need to be answered such as power requirements, room layouts, space, floor loading, data center humidity control and room environment.

An outline of our process is below.

UPS System Design

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Site Surveys and UPS System Design Services

Power Solution Site Survey

Site Surveys

Our trained professionals will contact you to gather your power requirements for simple or complex projects or make an on-site visit for more complex projects to execute the first step in our process; a power solution site survey.

These in-depth needs assessments create a baseline of your current power system and examine your short and long-term business and application goals.

UPS System Design

The results of the site survey help us determine the options available and next steps for the best UPS system design.

Using our technical experience, we guide you through the data center design process; ensuring that all facility infrastructure issues are thoroughly addressed prior to product procurement and installation.

UPS Disaster Avoidance Plans

Increased electronic communication and technology needs demand increased sensitivity to a growing number of vulnerabilities. Common problems such as power spikes, brownouts, split second outages and extended power outages can cause downtime or equipment damage.

A comprehensive UPS system design is not complete without a UPS disaster avoidance plan. That begins with an inventory of your equipment and ends with a disaster plan assessment for each component.

Case Study: Affinity Health

Mercy Medial Center in Oshkosh, WI

Power to save lives: Reduced risk of downtime and improved response time

Find out how our UPS system design process helped Affinity Health System with the appropriate UPS solution for their critical medial needs.

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