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Energy Conservation Programs

Energy conservation is engrained into everything we do at QPS. Whether that’s offering pre-owned UPS systems, comprehensive battery recycling programs or equipment buyback programs.

Our focus on energy savings is not only to help the environment, it makes pretty good business sense too. By right sizing your UPS you can save thousands of dollars a year.

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UPS Energy Cost Savings

Energy savings

Did you know that by right sizing your UPS you could save potentially $10,941 in energy costs per year?

We did the homework for you. Take a look at this energy savings cost analysis for the proposed replacement:

Existing System – Liebert 600T

225kVA UPS
20% loaded
74% efficiency

Proposed Replacement – Toshiba G9000

58% loaded
94% efficiency

Annual Energy Operating CostExisting Liebert UPSProposed Toshiba G9000Projected Annual Savings
UPS Size (kVA)22580
% Load20%58%
Load (kVA)46.046.0
Power Factor0.90.9
Energy Blended Rate $/kW0.110.11
Efficiency at load AC-AC74%96%
Energy for UPS KWh/Year457,289377,896-79,393
UPS Power Cost$50,302$41,569$8,733
BTU/Hr at Capacity (Spec)41,00010,771
BTU/Hr at Load14,2506,193.33
Ton @ Load1.190.52
Cooling Power kW/Ton3.413.41
Cooling Power at Load (kW)4.11.8
Energy for Cooling (kWH/Year)35,49315,426-20,067
Cooling Cost$3,904$1,697$2,207
Annual Energy Savings$10,941