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Midwest Family Broadcasting UPS System Power Outage Case Study


Gamatronic Power+ M50 30kVA UPS system
Rotary External Maintenance Bypass Switch


Brian Loken, CPQ


Midwest Family Broadcasting
Springfield, Missouri

Would You Miss Your Radio Station In A Power Outage?

Midwest Family Broadcasting selected QPS to provide and install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system for their Springfield, Missouri facility. The 30kVA Gamatronic UPS is being used to provide UPS power to the desktop computers in the facility, nine broadcast studios, and the tech room which is a combination data center and broadcast technical hub.

The data center contains the core of the business network, switches, routers, and servers. The broadcast technical hub contains computers, studio transmitter link equipment, satellite receivers, monitors, and core audio equipment which is structred as Audio-over-IP.

In a power loss scenario, a natural gas powered generator kicks in to provide AC power to the UPS.

Midwest Family Broadcasting operates in 7 various markets over 37 separate stations. Just as you would miss that cup of coffee in the morning, so would you miss the radio station if it were unable to broadcast due to power outage.

I was on-site during a local area power disturbance- three distinctive power hits before primary power was down for about an hour. None of our UPS protected equipment saw the disturbance and the UPS accepted the generator power when it kicked in. Transfer back to primary power was also seamless.

John Bauer

Springfield, MO