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Midwest Family Broadcasting Emergency Response Case Study


Gamatronic Power+ RM50 50kVA UPS system
3 Breaker Wall Mount 175A Bypass
SAME DAY 7×24 Startup


Brian Loken, CPQ


Midwest Family Broadcasting
Madison, Wisconsin

Radio Station Heard Loud And Clear

Midwest Family Broadcasting operates in 7 various markets over 37 separate stations. Just as you would miss that cup of coffee in the morning, so would you miss the radio station if it were unable to broadcast due to power outage.

Midwest Family Broadcasting experienced a catastrophic malfunction with their 16 year old Liebert UPS. The aged unit suffered a major failure and consequently dropped the power loads; leaving the station’s operations exposed and at great risk.

Upon receiving the call from Midwest Family Broadcasting, QPS immediately pulled a new Gamatronic Power+ RM50 50kVA UPS system and maintenance bypass from our stock, tested the equipment, provided delivery with our lift gate truck, and performed a 7×24 startup- all within 24 hours of receiving the call.

The customer’s power loads were protected and covered with a new system and manufacturer’s warranty- a solution that not only resolved the immediate issue, but also provided maintenance coverage to minimize future risk.