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Adair County Memorial Hospital

Adair County Memorial Hospital Replacement UPS System Case Study

Adair County Memorial Hospital UPS System Case Study


Gamatronic RM50 40kVA UPS system
Three Breaker Maintenance Bypass Switch


Mike Bergum, Sales Account Manager


Adair County Memorial Hospital
Greenfield, Iowa

Powering The Hospital’s Health Information System

Adair County Health system is more than just a hospital. They are a network of family practice clinics, specialty clinics, home care and health services along with the paramedic level ambulance services.

As Adair County has grown and expanded, they’ve looked to provide options that are online, durable and reliable. As they improved their facilities, they needed to consider a new replacement Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system.

QPS provided a scalable, modular replacement UPS and a variety of smart PDU’s, allowing for built in communications to their critical loads. The Gamatronic system also provided for redundancy, allowing for a better peace of mind.

Highly efficient and providing a low cost of ownership, the Gamatronic was the right solution for a healthcare organization that is striving to always improve.