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Join Us at the Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo!

The Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers (WAEE) will be holding their annual Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo on Wednesday, May 18.

Quality Power Solutions is proud to be a member of the WAEE, and we’ll be on hand at the expo to help answer your questions about energy efficiency in your critical power infrastructure.

If you are planning on attending the expo, join QPS CEO Brian Loken and Account Manager Mike Bergum as they lead a breakout session (1:30 p.m.) titled, “The Shrinking Enterprise Data Center.” During this session, we will be discussing how the incredible leaps in technology over the last few years  have actually decreased the power consumption of the average enterprise data center.

Unfortunately, this reduction in required available power has not always led to a reduction in fixed operating costs. Even as industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance and retail have experienced an increase in data center efficiency, their outdated and over-sized power infrastructure has become increasingly inefficient and expensive.

The QPS Team will be presenting two separate case studies on how QPS has helped these facilities bring their infrastructure back in line to meet their modern needs. For this session we’ll cover a healthcare facility and a financial enterprise data center.

If you’re interested in hearing more, please join us at the Wisconsin Energy Expo. In the meantime, you can read more about how QPS is a Focus on Energy partner or learn how we could help your business cut its energy costs.