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UPS with SiC Power Modules-G2020-495-x-275

Toshiba Innovates with SiC Power Modules

For most of our customers, a UPS system is often greatly underutilized. Data Centers with redundant UPS systems are notoriously underutilized since neither unit can ever be loaded more than 50% of its rated capacity. Since a UPS system reaches it’s peak efficiency when loaded to 70% or higher, trying to maximize efficiency can be challenging. Toshiba UPS has introduced a UPS system that might revolutionize the way we look at efficiency in the UPS Market.

Toshiba G2020 Series SiC UPS

The Toshiba G2020 Series UPS takes advantage SiC technology and state-of-the-art IGBT’s to provide high reliability and reduce the efficiency losses in a UPS. The G2020 UPS system can deliver true, online double-conversion reliability at 98% efficiency, even when operating at 30% of capacity.

The G2020 Toshiba UPS is designed for critical infrastructure such as hospitals, data centers and manufacturing and can greatly reduce the total cost of ownership over the life of your critical power facility.

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