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QPS is a Green Company & WI Focus on Energy Partner

Our dedication to protecting the environment for future generations has lead us to become a Wisconsin Focus on Energy partner. As a Focus on Energy partner, we work toward cost-effective energy efficiency. This allows us to manage energy costs as well as promote energy sustainability in Wisconsin.

Visit the Focus on Energy website for more information on the statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program.

Contact a QPS representative to find out how our partnership helps us implement energy savings projects that benefit your business.

Wisconsin Focus on Energy

How can our Focus on Energy partnership help your business?

Dedicated to Protecting Our Environment


We offer the opportunity to purchase or lease pre-owned and reconditioned equipment. This practice extends the service life of the equipment while providing our customers with the power security they need.


As you consider purchasing new or pre-owned UPS systems or equipment, we may be able to offer a buyback program for your old equipment to assist with your budget requirements. Our relationships with manufacturers has allowed us to offer manufacturer sponsored buyback programs.


When equipment does reach end of life, we dismantle it down to base materials and for some components, recycle 99% of the material. We recycle all batteries, UPS systems and other equipment that we receive as trade-ins or removals and document the entire process, from removal of the material to its receipt at the recycling facility. These documents and certificates are available upon request and include EPA, load and lot numbers where available.

No matter the brand, we service it all!