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WARNING: What Your UPS Alarm is Trying to Tell You

UPS systems are extremely efficient at signaling alerts if something malfunctions. But to the untrained eye and ear, these warnings can just seem like flashing lights and loud noises. We’re going to help understand your UPS alarm, and tell you about a tool that can help you if trouble arises.

Hundreds of Power Outages in the US Are Caused by…Squirrels?

When you think of power outages in this country, you generally think of weather related incidents and natural disasters – things like floods, fire, ice storms, heat waves and tornadoes. It’s true, many power outages can be attributed to these events. However, believe it or not, many of the power outages that occur in the […]

4 Ways to Control Facility Management Spend

As businesses face increasing expenditures for state-of-the-art infrastructure to remain competitive, controlling facility management spend becomes ever more important. Strategic planning is necessary to align capital spending with budgets and prevent misallocation of resources. While budgets are typically controlled by individual departments within the organization, there are steps each manager can take to contain costs. […]

Components of a Successful IT Data Center

The rapidly changing environment of information technology requires flexibility, scalability and efficiency. When planning your data center, it’s essential to evaluate your future demand as well as your current needs. Critical risk assessment necessitates an understanding of potential failures and implementation of preventative actions. To operate efficiently, your data center must incorporate strategic resources to […]

Toshiba Innovates the first UPS with SiC Power Modules

For most of our customers, a UPS system is often greatly underutilized. Data Centers with redundant UPS systems are notoriously underutilized since neither unit can ever be loaded more than 50% of its rated capacity. Since a UPS system reaches it’s peak efficiency when loaded to 70% or higher, trying to maximize efficiency can be […]