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Meyers Lighting Inverter

Trusted Service Provider for EPS

QPS is a Trusted Service Provider for Myers Emergency Power Systems

For a number of years, QPS has been recognized as a trusted and highly knowledgeable partner of Myers Emergency Power Systems (EPS). Over time, our trained technicians have completed thousands of maintenance services and have provided tech support to help our customers maintain their critical equipment with Myers inverter power systems. We are proud to be a trusted authorized service provider for Myers EPS.

Myers EPS in the Critical Power Industry

For more than 60 years, Myers EPS has been considered an industry-leading manufacturer of backup power technology for emergency lighting, traffic, rail, broadband, and other industries. Headquartered in Bethlehem, PA, Myers Emergency Power Systems was formally a branch of Myers Power Products but has since evolved into its own entity. As a result of the separation, Myers EPS has evolved and become an innovative manufacturer within the power industry. Today, Myers EPS is well-known for its UL924 emergency lighting inverters , while also offering an array of other products, including batteries, emergency control devices, and other power solutions.

Myers EPS has the widest inverter offering in the industry, supplying emergency lighting inverters ranging from 25VA to 50kVA/kW.  We’ve highlighted two of the more commonly installed emergency lighting inverters below.

Illuminator IE (LED)

Myers Illuminator IE Inverter System

The Myers EPS Illuminator IE is a single phase inverter system for emergency lighting designed for LED lighting loads. A single cabinet design capable of handling up to 16.7kVA units in a small footprint The Myers Illuminator IE is compatible with LED and Other Non-HID Lighting Loads. The Illuminated IE UL924 Inverter can also be customized with a variety of output configurations, to allow for a streamlined installation in most facilities.

Illuminator CIII

The Myers EPS Illuminator CIII is a three-phase emergency lighting inverter. With system capacity from 4.8kW to 50kW, this UL924 rated system is able to provide central emergency power for larger facilities and campuses.

Both these Myers EPS Illuminator inverter power systems are also available as an OSHPD-rated unit.

To ensure that your Myers EPS inverter power systems perform properly, Quality Power Solutions provides ongoing service, support, and preventative maintenance on these systems and their batteries to ensure they remain code compliant and prepared for any emergency.

For more information or to request maintenance on a Myers EPS power system contact us.

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