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Battery Module Replacement

Hot-Swappable UPS Batteries

An often used term that our customers hear regarding their UPS System Batteries is “Hot-Swappable”. In this article, we’ll discuss more about how a hot-swappable battery configuration is designed and what you should know about your hot-swappable UPS batteries. 

For most UPS systems, the unit can stay in an online mode during a battery replacement provided that there is isolation to the DC Bus during replacement. For larger battery systems, this is typically accomplished through a breaker that is installed for each battery string.  

In smaller UPS systems, battery modules are often used, where batteries are installed inside a modular housing, and the module is inserted into the UPS or battery cabinet frame. If designed properly, Hot swap UPS batteries allow for the replacement or addition of battery modules without shutting down the entire system.  

This feature helps maintain uninterrupted power supply to the connected equipment, minimizing downtime. There are several advantages to this, including: 

  • Easy maintenance and upgrades: Hot swap capability allows for easy maintenance and upgrades of UPS components without the need to power off the system. This simplifies the maintenance process and reduces the risk of human error during servicing. 
  • Scalability: If the UPS system is a scalable, modular UPS, hot swap UPS batteries offer enhanced scalability by allowing the addition or removal of battery modules as needed.  Battery modules can be added to increase redundancy in case other modules fail, or can be used to increase the overall runtime of the batteries.  This feature enables businesses to adapt their power protection to meet changing requirements. 
  • Improved availability and reliability: The ability to swap out faulty UPS batteries quickly without disrupting the entire system results in increased availability and reliability. This is crucial for mission-critical applications where any downtime can have severe consequences. 
  • Enhanced safety: Hot swap UPS batteries reduce the risk of electrical hazards during maintenance or upgrades, as there is no need to work on live electrical equipment. 

Overall, hot swappable UPS batteries provide businesses with a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective power protection solution that minimizes downtime and simplifies maintenance.

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