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Xtreme Power Conversion

Quality Power Solutions Elite Service Provider for XPCC

For over a decade, Quality Power Solutions has been an Authorized Partner with Xtreme Power Conversion (XPCC). During that time, our trained technicians have completed thousands of installations, commissioning startups, preventative maintenance inspections (PMIs), and have provided tech support to help our customers support their critical equipment loads with Xtreme Power systems.

Xtreme Power Conversion in the Critical Power Industry

For several years, the Denver-based company, Xtreme Power has been manufacturing UPS systems, power distribution units (PDUs), and cooling products. Their innovative product portfolio is well known for providing unique solutions to its customers. And because of these innovative products, Xtreme Power has become a strong global provider of power quality solutions.

Having partnered with Xtreme Power for many years, our field service engineers have worked with many of the various models that are manufactured.

Here are a few below:

XPCC M90 UPS System

The three phase M90 provides a modular design with redundant, hot swappable power modules. This system is highly configurable, and can scale from 15kVA to 140kVA/kW, all in a small, compact footprint.

XPCC TX91 UPS System

The TX91, with it’s galvanic isolation transformer, is perfect for retail, lab, industrial areas or other areas with ground issues.  With options for additional battery cabinets, and configurable PDU to fit a wide variety of receptacles makes it a great option for isolated locations with minimal installation requirements.

XPCC J60 UPS System

With its slim frame the J60 Backup UPS is the world’s most compact lithium unit on the market today.  With a width of just 1.25 inches, this unit with mounting brackets makes it perfect for digital signage, home use, and single computer office space.

Check out the large range of XPCC products and services by following our equipment page here.

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