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Modular UPS

ups-room-large The Best UPS Model For You

Everybody wants to find their “match.” This is true in both life and in business: finding the right job, the right partner or the right…

powerware-9170-refurbished-module Refurbished Battery Modules: Safety Meets Savings

Modular UPS systems are designed to be flexible, and are often more user-friendly when it comes to replacing UPS batteries. Rather than a cabinet full…

N1 Critical Lithium Ion UPS QPS Announces New Lithium-Ion Line of UPS Systems

Quality Power Solutions is excited to announce a new line of Lithium-Ion UPS systems from N1 Critical Technologies!

A close up of a person pulling out a UPS module. Modular UPS: Vital to Your Critical Power System

For years, data centers have used multiple high capacity UPS systems to obtain  “N+1” redundancy and ensure high availability of power for their critical systems.…