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Refurbished Battery Modules: Safety Meets Savings

Modular UPS systems are designed to be flexible, and are often more user-friendly when it comes to replacing UPS batteries. Rather than a cabinet full of large, heavy batteries, many models are designed using battery modules, with multiple batteries that are housed in an enclosure. The module can then be installed by simply sliding the enclosure into the UPS chassis. These are also often designed to be “hot-swappable”, allowing the user to replace battery modules without the need to power off the UPS system.  The downside is that purchasing new UPS battery modules can be expensive.   One cost effective way to replace batteries is to consider purchasing refurbished, certified UPS battery modules. In this blog, we will cover the advantages of utilizing refurbished UPS battery modules and the steps QPS goes through prior to shipment.

Whether you buy new or refurbished battery modules for your UPS, it is always good to be proactive when it comes to the management of your UPS system batteries.  Most VRLA battery modules require a refresh every 3 to 5 years, sometimes even sooner, depending on the environment they are housed in. Over the life of a UPS system, the cost of battery replacements can add up, however, refurbished UPS battery modules can provide for a much more affordable solution – often costing about half the price of purchasing a new module. Besides the cost savings, purchasing refurbished UPS battery modules still allow for:

A Liebert Nfinity battery module.
A group of APC Symmetra PX battery modules.

QPS has the materials and batteries on hand to refurbish and certify most battery modules for customers. We have listed out the most common types of modules HERE. During our certification process, we test each battery module to ensure functionality, inspect for any signs of premature wear or other concerns, and we pack with new, warrantied batteries. Our refurbished battery modules are then tested in a live UPS system and charged, ready for installation. No matter when you buy modules or individual batteries, they need to be up and running within 6 months of purchase to maintain battery integrity.

So how does QPS refurbish battery modules for our clients?

You may be on the fence about purchasing refurbished battery modules if you haven’t done so in the past. QPS is here to help you make the best decisions for your environment. The best choice is always to have a certified technician handle any battery installs and disposal. We take our certified, refurbished battery modules seriously, and would love to share more information with you. Contact QPS today to find out more about UPS battery modules for your UPS system.