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N1 Critical Lithium Ion UPS

QPS Announces New Lithium-Ion Line of UPS Systems

Quality Power Solutions is excited to announce a new line of Lithium-Ion UPS systems from N1 Critical Technologies! N1 Critical is a Wisconsin-based company focused on the research and production of Lithium-Ion UPS systems and battery solutions. N1C Lithium-Ion UPS systems are rugged and long-lasting, able to withstand up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and are one of the first UPS systems to offer a lifetime warranty.

N1C UPS systems are designed for long life and are ideal for server closets and environments where frequent battery replacement is not an option or desired. Typical installations include:

N1 Critical Lithium Ion UPS
A N1 Critical L-Series UPS.

Benefits of N1C UPS Systems:

Interested in learning more about N1 Critical Lithium-Ion UPS products? Contact QPS today and we will show you how these units can benefit your current environment.

N1C Lithium Ion XL UPS
A N1 Critical XL-Series UPS.

We are also offering product demos. Call QPS to schedule a time to see the new systems!

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