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Does a Pre-Owned UPS Make Sense For My Business?

For some, the thought of purchasing used equipment can feel like a poor investment, or carry unnecessary risk.  Pre-owned, or “used” may make some people think of something not kept up or problematic, that another party simply wants to get rid of. Maybe something destined for the junkyard? While this imagery may be understandable, this conception is just plain wrong.

The reason the term “pre-owned” exists is to designate that a product cannot be sold as new, but is often a perfectly good product. In the case of UPS providers, pre-owned equipment must be tested, fully certified and prepared for legitimate resale. In fact, if purchasing from a reputable UPS service provider, a pre-owned UPS should come with a warranty and is often a great investment.

Pre-owned UPS systems are typically available on the market due to reasons other than failure or poor design.

There are many reasons why a UPS system may be resold as pre-owned UPS. These include:

If you have a chance to buy one of these systems, congratulations! You can usually get these units at a significant discount, often still with a warranty, and they tend to ship more quickly than new equipment as they have already been tested.

For many businesses, there are specific reasons they will consider pre-owned units versus new units. Some of these reasons may be:

UPS systems in a warehouse

So where do you turn when you are looking for a well-tested, pre-owned unit that has been evaluated by quality technicians? Look no further! Quality Power Solutions makes a habit of stocking a number of both new and pre-owned UPS units in our warehouse that are fully tested and ready to ship. If you are not sure what to look for when shopping for a pre-owned UPS, let QPS help design and select the best pre-owned UPS system available. Contact QPS today to get started.