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When someone’s life is on the line, having access to reliable emergency power is crucial. As more healthcare facilities are merging and the requirement for electronic records is increasing, the need for a reliable backup power provider has become more critical. QPS understands the entire life-cycle of healthcare facility design and installation.


“Time is money” has never been more true when it comes to keeping financial businesses running on backup power. When downtime can be measured in the millions per hour, QPS is acutely aware of the criticality of a seamless power backup solution for the financial industry.


In the manufacturing industry downtime means lost revenue. QPS begins with a thorough facility assessment and analysis as a first step in any backup power solution. Particularly for businesses that rely on equipment that is often in a harsh environment to keep them running.


Whether it’s helping a family-owned business or a major retail chain, QPS knows that uptime is of the utmost importance. Keeping registers running and a high focus on security is our goal whenever we design a power backup solution for the retail industry.

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UPS Service and Solutions for Any Industry

Site surveys & mission critical power design services

Quality Power Solutions has provided expert maintenance and design services for a variety of different industries, helping to address their mission critical power needs.

Educational approach to the procurement of mission critical systems

Some industries have very specific requirements and must follow strict regulations for safety and data security. With that in mind, QPS will ensure that your most vital systems meet your standards and are running smoothly.

Consulive approach from designing data center to servicing UPS systems

Whether the project is UPS removal for a freight company or critical equipment management for healthcare facilities, we draw on our extensive experience to properly and safely manage your power systems.

arc flash services, arc flash analysis, safety training

For more specific examples showcasing some of the unique successes we’ve had in a variety of industries, view our case studies.