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Hazards that Threaten Data Center Employee Safety [Infographic]

Companies spend millions every year on research, operations, and other critical functions. But a company’s most valuable asset is its workforce. This infographic from Antea Group pinpoints some common risks for data centers specifically, including preventing hazards caused by arc flash and poorly maintained UPS systems and batteries.

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Arc Flash Safety

Arc Flash Analysis: An Easy Guide

Arc Flash is an often-­heard buzzword in the industry, but what does it mean and how does it affect your facility? In this easy guide, we’ll cover the basics that you’ll need to ensure that you are not only compliant, but also providing a safe environment for your employees, vendors and customers.

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Discontinued flywheel UPS system

What To Do When Your UPS System Is Discontinued

From time to time, we’ll have a client with a UPS unit that has been discontinued or is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Even if those systems appear to be running fine, waiting for components such as batteries, capacitors and fans to reach end of life means you are gambling with your critical power source.

A UPS service provider should be a solid partner to help you track your service requirements on your UPS system. Battery replacements, capacitors, fans and eventually UPS replacement are all part of a UPS system lifecycle. So, if you’ve received a notice from your UPS service team that your unit is reaching end-of-life soon, what should you do?

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Scheduling preventative maintenance protects your UPS and facility

5 Ways UPS Preventative Maintenance Extends Your Equipment’s Life

Think your newly-installed equipment will last as long as the manufacturer says? Don’t always count on it. A variety of factors can significantly cut into your equipment’s lifespan. Based on our experience in the field, we’ve listed the top five ways UPS preventative maintenance can uncover weaknesses. Read more

How a Facility Assessment Reveals Four Key Points of Failure

How a Facility Assessment Reveals Four Key Points of Failure

Should any part of your mission-critical equipment fail, it could result in load loss, fires or worse. A facilities assessment will identify possible points of failure before they happen, helping you accurately assess the urgency of repairs to your upper management.

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Covering Your Bases: Three Reasons to Get UPS Maintenance

Covering Your Bases: Three Reasons You Need UPS Maintenance Checks Why the Best Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Prioritize Regular Maintenance Checks The verdict is in: the number one way to keep your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) up and running is to schedule regular maintenance checks. Here are three ways UPS maintenance can provide insight into […]