Certified Facility Manager Certification

The Certified Facility Manager® (CFM) credential is the most respected credential in facility management. The International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA) certification process sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and capability of practicing facility managers. Facility teams are often responsible for maintaining the mission critical power infrastructure in a facility. Quality Power Solutions supports many IT and Facility professionals in keeping their infrastructure in top shape. The CFM credential is a great way to help facility managers develop the skills necessary to stay ahead of infrastructure and facility demands.

Who needs certification?

The program began in 1992, and since then more than 3,100 facility managers from 32 countries have become CFM certified. This certification is designed for facility managers seeking to advance their profession, demonstrate leadership and initiative, and enhance their professional network. In order to be eligible for certification, candidates must first meet education and experience requirements. Successful candidates should also have experience in the following competency areas. We have included links below to how these areas of competency relate to the field of data center and UPS design and maintenance.

  • Operations and Maintenance
    • Assess the condition of the facility
    • Manage and oversee facility operations and maintenance activities, occupant services (parking, janitorial, food service, concierge, facility helpdesk, security and safety) and the maintenance contracting process
    • Develop, recommend, manage and oversee the facility’s operational planning requirements (temperature, control, lighting, equipment replacement)
  • Project Management
    • Plan projects (resources, schedule and sequence)
    • Manage and oversee projects (construction, relocation, renovation, organizational change)
  • Finance and Business
    • Manage and oversee the financial management of the facility organization including cost control measures
    • Administer the finances associated with contracts and procurement and chargeback procedures
  • Leadership and Strategy
    • Plan strategically
    • Lead the facility organization and provide leadership to the entire organization
  • Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
  • Communication
    • Manage and oversee the development and use of the facility communications plan
    • Prepare and deliver messages that achieve the intended result
  • Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
    • Plan, manage and oversee and support the entire organization’s emergency preparedness program and business continuity program
  • Human Factors
    • Develop and implement practices that support the performance and goals of the entire organization and the performance of the facility organization
  • Quality
    • Develop, manage and oversee the creation and application of standards for the facility organization
    • Measure the quality of services provided
    • Manage and oversee the improvement of work processes
    • Ensure and monitor compliance with codes, regulations, policies and standards
  • Real Estate and Property Management
    • Develop and implement the real estate master plan
    • Manage/oversee the real estate assets
  • Technology

Why is certification important?

International Facility Management Association’s CFM program was the first and is still the only globally recognized certification in facility management. The certification assures professional excellence, establishes standards for global professional practice, promotes the added value of the facility management and influences the future direction of the profession. The CFM credential benefits both the individuals who earn the credential and the organizations that employ them.

What are the steps to get certified?

Start by reviewing the eligibility requirements. The CFM is a competency-based certification, so candidates must first meet the following education and experience requirements.

Education Number/years of FM experience WITH the FMP Number/years of FM experience WITHOUT the FMP
Facility Management Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree from an IFMA Recognized Degree Program 3 years 3 years
Related Bachelor’s Degree 3 years 4 years
Non-related Bachelor’s Degree or Associate Degree 4 years 5 years
Some Post-secondary Education 5 years 8 years

Next, interested individuals must complete the CFM application. The application should be submitted only when you are sure you are ready to take the exam. Within days of submission, IFMA will email the candidate required exam registration information. Candidates must then take the exam within three months of acceptance.
Once candidates pass the exam, they may begin using “CFM” after their name and title. Certified Facility Managers will receive an official notification, along with a certificate, lapel pin and press release in a welcome packet.

Resources to get started:

Candidates are offered a variety of resources to prepare for the CFM Exam. Below are links we thing prospective CFM certification candidates will find useful in preparation of their exam.

The IFMA Facility Management Learning System™
Facility Management Knowledge Center
Competency Self Evaluation
CFM Practice Exam
CFM Virtual Study Group
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