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Celebrating Five Years Accident Free

In 5 years a lot can happen, but at QPS we’re celebrating nothing happening. We are proud to have gone 5 years without a single workplace accident; a huge milestone for any company. We take safety (both yours and ours) very seriously.

A few facts first. Over 4 decades ago the Occupational Safety and Health Act was signed in to law, and while it dropped workplace deaths and occupational injuries by over 60%, the statistics remain staggering. Every day 12 workers die on the job; that’s over 4,500 a year! In addition, every year more than 4.1 million workers have a serious job related injury or illness (according to OSHA).

QPS operates in an industry that lends itself to a higher rate of accidents including electrocution, burns, shocks or even overexertion injuries. Because of the increased risk, we go to great lengths to prevent these potential accidents from happening. Our technicians are equipped with the right equipment for the job and are trained properly on how to use it before stepping foot on a job site.

They are dressed properly head to steel toe for every job they go to, making sure they have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) ready for every situation. QPS prides itself on making sure that any person that might join us at job sites is also properly protected. In addition to the technician in the field, our office employees practice safety as well.

Our safety committee meets on a monthly basis to review near misses, prevention and to plan topics of discussion for future educational sessions. Our warehouse is also a place for strict safety guidelines. Routed walking paths, safety cones and smart forklift operators are just a few of the steps that we take to maintain a safe environment.

We work hard to achieve the success we have had and are proud to be accident free for 5 years. We hope to continue our success knowing that we are “Accident free by choice, not by chance.”