UPS in Alarm: What Happens Next.

We ran an article on “What Your UPS Alarm is trying to Tell You” to help explain some of the basic alarms you might experience. In this article, we will go into more depth about how your service provider should respond, triage, and resolve your issue, from when you first contact them to completion. We will also discuss the importance of understanding the provisions your provider makes for response time and resources. This gives you an expectation of what happens “behind the scenes,” so you better understand the process involved in supporting your UPS.

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Lessons Learned from the CES 2018 Power Outage

Lessons Learned From The CES 2018 Power Outage

Darkness took center stage at the Las Vegas Convention Center for a little over 2 hours during day two of the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Continue reading “Lessons Learned From The CES 2018 Power Outage” »

Surgical Facility’s Downtime Disaster

Down the Drain: A Surgical Facility’s Downtime Disaster

The facility manager at a surgery center thought he had covered all his bases during recent renovation. But when the power suddenly went out, the surgical team was – of all things –  unable to wash their hands. Yes, downtime can affect your facility in unexpected ways.

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