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Toshiba G9000 Full

Toshiba G9000

Three phase UPS system with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control, all IGBT technology, and the ability to parallel units to 8MW. Available with both dual-input and single input feed, electronic battery isolation, and transformerless design. The G9000 boasts an industry leading 97% true online efficiency.  Even at 20% load, the Toshiba G9000 remains at 94% or more efficient, making it an excellent choice for N+1 solutions.

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Technical Specs

  • Power Rating: 80, 100, 160, 225, 300, 500, & 750kVA
  • Output Power Factor: .9 up to 225kVA, 1.0 (Unity) 300-750kVA
  • Voltage: 480
  • Topology: True On-Line Double Conversion UPS


  • IGBT Technology
  • Parallel up to eight units
  • Smallest footprint & highest power density in industry
  • SNMP/Web based monitoring


  • Batteries & Flywheels
  • Tie Cabinet
  • Maintenance Bypass Cabinets
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Monitoring Options

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