City of Fond du Lac Emergency Response

Gamatronic Power+ M50 20kVA UPS system - City of Fond du Lac Emergecy Response
  • Project Features

    Gamatronic Power+ M50 20kVA UPS system
    3 Breaker Wall Mount 125 Bypass
    SAME DAY 7×24 Startup

  • Project Team

    Brian Loken

    Gary Wells
    Service Manager

Emergency Response Case Study

City’s IT infrastructure protected in record time

Fond du Lac, WI

The IT Services Department of the City of Fond du Lac exists to support all of the information technology initiatives of the City. They are responsible for all City networks as well as the computer center which houses the equipment used by the City for all of its record keeping.

Additionally, the department is responsible for all City telephone service including cellular. Upon experiencing a failure with their existing UPS system, the City contacted QPS for resolution.

QPS was able to assess the problem and determine that the most cost effective solution was to replace the faulty UPS. QPS then pullled a new Gamatronic Power+ M50 20kVA UPS system and maintenance bypass from our stock, provided inside delivery, and performed a 7×24 startup- all within 24 hours of receiving the call.

“We had experienced a catastrophic failure of one of our UPS’s in our main data center. We were able to migrate all of the critical applications over to our secondary data center until a tech could arrive to assess the damage. A single call to QPS took care of everything, from dispatching a tech, to coordination and replacement. Our unit went down at about 9:00 am on a weekday and we had a new unit staged and online by 10:00 pm that same day. I can’t say enough about how helpful and accommodating the staff at QPS was. They did everything they could to get us operational with as little downtime as possible.”

David Z.
Fond du Lac, WI