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Five Things You Need to Know About Unplanned Data Center Outages

Did you know?

  • 85% of respondents said their organization had experienced a loss of primary utility power in the past 24 months.
  • 91% of companies that experienced a loss of primary power had an unplanned data center outage.
  • 71% of survey respondents indicated their company is dependent on the data center to generate revenue and conduct ecommerce.

* Data and statistics are from the 2011 benchmark report The Cost of Data Center Outages by the Ponemon Institute.


The direct and indirect costs of a data center outage in the United States range from $38,969 to $1,017,746 per incident per organization. That means the average cost of an outage is $505,502.


An unplanned outage at a data center may result in:

  • Damage to data which is mission critical for the company
  • Significant decrease in organizational productivity
  • Loss of trust and confidence among staff, customers and key stakeholders
  • Potential costs of litigation defense due to legal or regulatory impact
  • Replacement or repair of damaged equipment or other assets
  • Loss of business opportunities (sales)
  • Loss of respect for the company’s brand and negative impact on its reputation


IT Leaders routinely underestimate the cost of unplanned Data Center outages.


The primary root causes of unplanned data center outages are:

Root Cause pie chart data center outage


Every business can reduce the likelihood of an unplanned data center outage by conducting a professional facilities audit conducted by a qualified professional and following through on the recommendations in the auditor’s report.

Have you tested your UPS system lately? Schedule a professional facility assessment.