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Is Your Power Backup System Ready? Schedule a Facility Assessment

Get an On-Site Evaluation of Your Power Systems at a Reduced Cost

Can your backup power system withstand a potential threat? An on-site facility assessment determines if your power backup systems are ready.

A facility assessment completed by one of Quality Power Solutions’ Certified Power Quality (CPQ) specialists includes a full review of your current system and a written analysis of our findings, which covers:

  • UPS system configuration
  • Environment suitability
  • Load distribution
  • Efficiency
  • Footprint review
  • Heat rejection testing
  • Maintenance needs
  • Total lifecycle analysis

We’re offering this assessment at a reduced cost of $500, up to $4,500 off our regular price. This comprehensive facility assessment is available to new QPS clients who are considering replacing their system or evaluating vendors.

Contact QPS to learn more about this critical evaluation and how it can prevent costly downtime from happening at your facility.

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