Toshiba SCiB

Toshiba SCiB Overview

Toshiba SCiB (Super Charge Ion Batteries) are unique Lithium-Ion models that are based on a unique lithium titanium oxide (LTO) technology developed by Toshiba International.  Lithium-Ion UPS systems are becoming more common in the industry due to their extremely long life cycles, and reliability.  Toshiba’s SCiB lithium ion UPS systems perform remarkably well under a number of adverse conditions. Their oxide-based chemistry is designed to prevent fires and thermal runaway from short circuiting caused by physical stress. They can also perform in temperature ranges from -30C to extremely warm environments, and work well in a number of outdoor low-temperature environments. Lasting 12 + years, they beat much of the competition on Total Cost of Ownership.

The Toshiba SCiB technology also provides a rapid recharge rate, with recharge in a little as 6 minutes!

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    • Long Life- 10+ years/up to 20,000 cycles
    • Oxide-based makeup prevents thermal runaway
    • Large temperature tolerance: -22-131 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Fast charging: 6 to 10 minutes