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Liebert UPS Systems from Vertiv

Emerson Network Power is now Vertiv

Powerful Protection for Data Centers and Critical Applications 

For data centers and other mission-critical facilities, where uptime is of supreme importance, and outages can be prohibitively expensive, trust in reliable and high-performance power protection is non-negotiable. Liebert, a trusted name in power and cooling solutions, offers a comprehensive range of single and 3-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. These systems are designed to safeguard sensitive IT equipment and infrastructure in data centers of any size, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

With best-in-class energy efficiency, high power density, and flexible configuration options, Liebert’s UPS systems provide the performance, reliability, and scalability needed for data centers of any size. Their intelligent monitoring and management capabilities enable proactive issue resolution to help data center operators maximize availability.

When uptime is critical, trust Liebert’s proven power protection solutions to keep your IT infrastructure secure and operating at peak performance. Learn more about Liebert’s full range of single and 3-phase UPS systems to find the right fit for your data center needs.

Does your Vertiv / Liebert UPS System need to be replaced or serviced? Contact QPS.

Quality Power Solutions can help you maintain your Liebert/Vertiv UPS unit whether the unit is coming off of warranty, is in alarm or you need support with an older unit, we can be a resource to help you maintain your single or 3-phase UPS unit.

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