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Emerson / Liebert UPS Systems

Emerson / Liebert UPS Systems Overview

UPDATE: Emerson Network Power has recently been spun off it’s power division- now named Vertiv.

Emerson/Liebert is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, data center power distribution and cooling products.

They are known for having a wide range of Business Critical Services and Network Reliability Programs.

Need emergency support on your Emerson / Liebert System?

Liebert 300 Series

With a multitude of features the Series 300 is a popular choice for reliable power backup.  With a small footprint, simple installation, and easy operation, the Series 300 provides flexibility for a variety of applications. The Liebert Series 300 also provides field-selectable input voltage and battery reliability testing, ensuring continual support of critical loads.


The true on-line double conversion topology of the Liebert Series 600 provides extreme reliability. With parallel-redundant capabilities and  multi-module design, this UPS system is able to maintain clean, uninterruptible power to your critical load. The Liebert Series 600 is built to accommodate the needs of advanced digital computing and offers power protection that can be counted on.


The true on-line design of Emerson / Liebert 610 is proven to be one of the industries most durable and reliable UPS systems year after year.  The Liebert Series 610 has many features that increase performance, application flexibility, efficiency and over all reliability.

Liebert APM

Utilizing excellent double conversion efficiency, the Liebert APM is designed for the protection of medium sized business-critical applications.  The system is modular and scalable; allowing the increase of capacity and redundancy without increasing the system footprint.  The Liebert APM can be connected with up to two or four units in parallel; providing flexibility and custom configuration.


The Liebert GXT is a true on-line designed system and provides power factor correction. With built in surge suppression and user replaceable batteries, the GXT protects mission critical equipment from many power problems.  The Liebert GXT also features an internal automatic and manual bypass, and can be configured as a rack or tower system.

Liebert GXT2

The Emerson/Liebert GXT2 has a compact footprint and true on-line topology.  The Emerson/Liebert GXT2 comes with an LED display for ease of use, as well as an interface port for communication between the UPS and network servers.

Liebert GXT3 1000VA

The Liebert GXT3 is a true on-line designed system and provides high quality power to IT equipment. With built in power protection features, the GXT3 protects mission critical equipment from many power problems.  The Liebert GXT3 also features an internal automatic and manual bypass, and can be configured as a rack or tower system.


Designed to support medium to large data centers the Emerson/Liebert NXL is the best choice for critical, high power applications. The Liebert NXL delivers the latest generation of high availability and high performance standards with a low total cost of ownership.

The unique design of the Liebert Nfinity provides your company with the ability to expand within the space you are in. With its small footprint and scalable, modular housing, you can cost effectively upgrade as your power needs grow. Offering various power and battery capacities, Liebert Nfinity is one of the most universally selected UPS systems to protect critical loads.

The Liebert Npower is a true double-conversion UPS system which will protect against a whole host of power disturbances.  The Liebert Npower UPS system offers world class reliability in a single module design.

Liebert NX 40 120kVA

This reliable, constant power protection has made Emerson / Liebert NX Series the most universally selected UPS to support 10-200kVA critical loads. With its wide range of UPS capacities and features, the Liebert NX is ideal for small and medium data centers. Its ability to handle changing power demands, paralleling capabilities, and lower total cost of ownership makes this your go to UPS system.