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WARNING: What Your UPS Alarm Means

How to Decode the Alarm On Your UPS

UPS systems are extremely efficient at signaling alerts if something malfunctions. But to the untrained eye and ear, these warnings can just seem like flashing lights and loud noises. We’re going to help understand your UPS alarm, and tell you about a tool that can help you if trouble arises.

While multiple UPS makes and models exist, nearly all come equipped with a similar alert system, comprised of three colored lights and an audible alarm. Here are the primary components of your alarm system that you need to understand.

What UPS Alarm Color Light is On?

Nearly every alarm system uses three colored LED lights to indicate the health of your UPS – green, amber and red. While the active light may change, one of the three will ALWAYS be on. As you’ll see, if no lights are on, you have a big problem on your hands.

a green light indicates a healthy ups

The majority of systems also have a display panel on the front that corresponds with the LED notification. If a warning light turns on, refer to the display panel’s alarm log, which will diagnose the problem more specifically.

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If You Hear an Audible Alarm

In addition to the LED lights, UPS systems often include an audible alarm that alerts you of a fault without requiring you to look directly at your UPS. These audible alarms are triggered by minor and serious malfunctions alike. The idea behind the audible alarm is that, upon hearing it, you will check your UPS, where the LED display can provide more information.

Every UPS system is different and your display, audible alarms, and lights could look vastly different from every manufacturer. Proper attention and following a preventive maintenance routine can go a long way to ensuring your facility stays online.

SNMP Card – Alerting you Anytime, Anywhere

UPS malfunctions don’t limit themselves to your work schedule – they can strike at any time. The audible alarm is great if you are in earshot of your UPS, but what if you’re away from your desk or even at home? In this case, an SNMP monitoring card can be a lifesaver.

SNMP cards hook into your UPS and send an alert directly to your computer or mobile device via email if something goes awry. Furthermore, they can give a more detailed overview of a fault, whether major or minor. As with the other alerts, give us a call if your SNMP card indicates a fault, and we can help you diagnose and resolve it.

Questions to Answer if you Call QPS

You’ve heard your UPS’s alert and it’s time to call a power solutions provider. If you call QPS, we’re going to ask you some questions. This will help us diagnose the malfunction and possibly resolve it with you over the phone. Or, in the case of an emergency, we’ll send someone out immediately. Either way, be prepared to answer the following questions:

Your UPS’s alert system is key for preventing and solving malfunctions. However, it’s difficult to know what your UPS is trying to tell you if you can’t speak its language. Now, with the information we provided, you can feel better equipped to react to your UPS’s alarms.

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