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What happens behind the Scenes of an Emergency Call?

Your critical infrastructure is in place to protect some of your most crucial loads, but what happens if the heart of your infrastructure fails or alarms? At Quality Power Solutions (QPS), emergency UPS/Generator power services is our specialty. So what happens when there’s an alarm or emergency on your critical gear? We want to give you a peek at what work goes on behind the scenes when you contact QPS with a Critical Power Emergency.

Getting in contact:

We offer several ways to get in touch with Quality Power Solutions. From getting directly in touch with an account manager or calling our office at 608-661-9910 during regular business hours, our staff will be able to assist you immediately. In addition to these standard contact methods during business hours, we have an emergency service hotline dedicated to emergency incidents. This line is directed to our emergency team which is available to our customers 24/7.

Speaking with a technician:

After getting in contact with us, the next step is to start the troubleshooting process.  During normal business hours, our dispatch team is going to triage your call and create an emergency ticket, from then all our on-call UPS technicians are notified and will return the call quickly. For after-hour emergencies that come in on our emergency hotline, our on-call team of technicians will be notified and will reach out to you generally within just a few minutes.

Starting to troubleshoot:

Emergency calls can often have different levels of severity, from minor nuisance alarms to melted components. Once a QPS technician is on the phone with you, they will work with you to determine the level of concern with your uninterruptible power supply system. All UPS alarms are something to be concerned about, however, not all alarms require the same level of urgency.  For example, a UPS battery timer alarm is just a reminder that the batteries need to be replaced, while an inverter fault might mean that your critical systems are running without backup.

The next step:

Next, the technician will ask you a handful of questions and additionally walk you through various tests that will assist our technician in decoding your UPS alarm. On rare occasions, troubleshooting with the technician over the phone may not work. In those cases, our team may need to dispatch a UPS technician to site to diagnose the issue. Many of our customers that are under a full-service contract include emergency response, parts and labor coverage to help offset the costs of the UPS repair.

Getting back online:

Once our UPS technician is on-site, the technician will need to work with you to fully understand the issue at hand in person. Once diagnosed our trained technician will then utilize their UPS skills and knowledge to address your system(s) needs and get it back online to support your critical loads. Correcting these issues can look like anything from adjusting software issues to providing and replacing UPS parts or a new UPS unit altogether.

Are you in need of immediate UPS/Generator assistance? Reach out to Quality Power Solutions today using the contact form below.

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