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Critical Power

Managing Critical Power with a Remote Team

Quality, reliable power is crucial for running your business, and right now it’s even more important than ever. As COVID-19 surged, organizations shifted their workspaces from the office to employees’ homes, and other remote locations, increasing the demand for power reliability that is more dispersed than ever. During this time, we’ve received numerous questions from customers regarding the future of the workplace environment, and although things remain uncertain right now, we know that power reliability to support remote partners is critical to helping your business be successful. Here are some of the actions we are taking to provide the best support possible for you during the pandemic.

What’s Your Power Plan During COVID-19?

Power is important, no matter the industry. What makes this unique right now is that most employees are working remotely. With very few people on-site, it can become harder to react to a problem quickly should it occur. If you are unable to gain access to your building while a power outage occurs, your business will be more heavily impacted than if someone was on-site and able to detect the problem right when it happens. With remote working, there is a new emphasis on repair and preventative maintenance than ever before.

Preventative, or Proactive, Maintenance is a service where regular maintenance and thorough inspections can help reduce downtime for your business. Critical power backup equipment, like a UPS system and generator, should be properly maintained and checked to ensure reliability. A QPS tip for preventative maintenance, take the time to understand how your downtime cost could affect your business if your staff is not on-site and you experience an outage. Factor that in against creating a plan for preventative maintenance that will reduce outages and keep your business running smoothly.

With a more distributed workforce, looking at your power reliability includes much more than just a central office and network. It is also important to look at your remote offices, or even employee homes to understand their risks and ability to connect during a power event.

Looking for ways to monitor your critical infrastructure remotely is also a significant way to reduce risk. With today’s technology, there is little reason to not have your UPS, Generator and battery systems actively monitored.

How QPS Can Help Your Business

With COVID-19 impacting the way people operate at a moment’s notice, we understand this “new normal” is not something all businesses prepared for. We also understand how important it is to remain powered on during this time. Here at QPS, we can do that for your business.

A Case for Knowing the Technology

Recently, a QPS client purchased a new UPS system and before they could get it installed; an outage occurred, and their current UPS was in serious risk of failure. In need of an immediate solution, the QPS team designed a plan to install a temporary UPS system until the new one could be properly installed.

After working with the customer further, we were able to develop a personalized solution that allowed us to install the new UPS within just a few hours, with minimal electrical work required on their end, and more importantly, no downtime for their business.

“Our Service Team engineered a unique process where our client did not have to plan for any downtime. Knowing the business and knowing the technology within this field is a true benefit of working with Quality Power Solutions. We were able to provide a personal solution to our client and eliminate the need for an outage, keeping their operations online at all times.”

–  John Connor, Technical Sales Manager at Quality Power Solutions 

 QPS Remote Service Plan During the Pandemic

As we uncover this new normal, we, at QPS, want to do more for our customers. We promote being proactive with your critical backup power equipment, so we want to be proactive within our business as well.

While much is still unknown, we want you to feel secure in knowing that we continue to maintain support and emergency services to our clients and partners, while keeping the safety and health of all employees our top priority.

In need of UPS services? Contact QPS today! We’re here to help.