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power efficiency

External Maintenance Bypass External Maintenance Bypass 101

An article explaining, in general terms, what an External Maintenance Bypass is in relation to UPS units and when it’s necessary to have.

DC plant, telecom, cover photo The Main Components of a DC Power System

In our connected, high-tech and high-paced world, tolerance for downtime is simply not acceptable. DC Power Plants are often used in many industries, especially telecom…

Telecom Room, yellow cabling. DC Power Plants: Efficient Power for Industry

For most of power infrastructure and transmission, the globe runs on alternating current (AC) power, but there are specific applications where Direct Current (DC) power…

When an Energy Efficient UPS Isn’t As Efficient as You Think When an Energy Efficient UPS is Inefficient

Did You Know a Highly Efficient UPS Can Help Cut Energy Costs?  However, if you base a UPS’s efficiency solely on its energy efficiency rating…