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Toshiba G9400 UPS

Toshiba G9400

Three phase UPS system that features the latest generation of advanced Carrier Stored Trench Bi-Polar Transistor (CSTBT) IGBT technology, the “engine” of the UPS. The G9400 boasts an industry leading 97% true online efficiency at various loads. An ideal unit for hyper-scale data centers and other similar applications. The G9400’s unit design allows for N+1 Redundancy in various frame sizes, and boast an industry leading, compact footprint.

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Technical Specs

  • Available in: 60Hz / 480V / 1200kVA, 1600kVA, and 20000kVA
  • 400kVA Modules allow for N+1 Redundancy or better
  • Output Power Factor: 1.0 (unity)
  • Topology: True On-Line Double Conversion UPS
  • SuperSafe Lithium (SCiB)


  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Control
  • Fully Digital IGBT Rectifier & Inverter
  • Transformer-Less Design
  • Small Footprint, & Lightweight Design


  • Batteries & Flywheels
  • Tie Cabinet
  • Maintenance Bypass Cabinets
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Monitoring Options
  • SCiB Lithium Batteries

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