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Mitsubishi 7011A 3 phase UPS - available in 6-12kVA models

Mitsubishi 7011A

Superior reliability and performance with this single phase UPS system developed to protect the most critical of applications. The system ranges from 6kVA to 12kVA, covering a wide spectrum of applications. The double conversion on-line UPS system features an LCD front display, Internal Maintenance Bypass Switch, and robust monitoring equipment and software options.

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Technical Specs

  • Power Rating: 6kVA – 12kVA
  • Output Power Factor: .7
  • Voltage: 240/120V (1 phase), 208/120V (2 phase) Input; 240/120V, 208/120V, or 120/120V Output
  • On-line double conversion topology


  • IGBT converter & inverter
  • Internal maintenance bypass
  • Front LCD display for diagnostics
  • Custom output receptacle panels


  • Battery cabinets
  • External Maintenance Bypass Switch
  • Netcom2 monitoring
  • Modbus communications

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