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MGE Galaxy PW

MGE Galaxy PW

Exceptional reliability and modular design are two key features of the MGE Galaxy PW.  It provides paralleling capabilities and is built with a topology that’s generator friendly; designed to avoid generator over-sizing requirements. It has a user friendly interface and integrated battery diagnostics that notify the user of any irregularities before you have a battery failure. The Galaxy PW is an all around proven UPS when it comes to reliability for your business.

Need a maintenance inspection or a battery replacement on your MGE Galaxy PW? 

Technical Specs

  • Power Rating: 100-225kVA
  • Output Power Factor: .9
  • Voltage: variable
  • Topology: True double-conversion online


  • Scalable from 100 – 225kVA, field upgradeable
  • High efficiency
  • Modular design for easy expansion
  • Enhanced communications


  • Extended Battery Modules
  • Wrap around Maintenance Bypass
  • Software & Connectivity options

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