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Eaton, Ferrups


The Eaton FERRUPS is highly configurable. It has a wide range of voltages, frequencies, runtimes, power cords, and receptacles. This unit regulates voltage continuously and gets rid of harmful harmonic currents. This unit delivers proven ferroresonant battery backup power and scalable runtimes. The FERRUPS is ideal for a range of critical applications, including military installations, marine vessels, and emergency call centers.

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Technical Specs

  • Power Rating: Tower: 500VA-18kVA. Rackmount: 1400-7000VA
  • Voltage: 120V/208V/240V
  • Power Factor: .7
  • Topology: Single phase


  • Active Voltage Regulation converts power from most AC sources to computer grade power
  • Enables automatic shutdown of UPS protected devices
  • Enhanced diagnostics initiate auto-startup and scheduled tests for battery, logic board, and other systems
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty


  • Remote management capable
  • Voltage matching transformers
  • Connectivity options
  • External maintenance bypass

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