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How to Address the Power Quality Issue

QPS is a vendor-neutral service provider. We warehouse, sell, service and install the latest UPS units. New, used, or refurbished, we have top sellers in stock that consistently sell out.

These systems range from 10kVA to 40kVA single and three phase units. If interested in a new UPS unit, we have a special offer on pricing and warranty good through the end of the year or as long as the units are available.

We are currently offering Eaton systems at a .65 multiplier (example: list price is $10,000 your cost is $6,500). The UPS units come with a full 90 day warranty. We will extend the warranty to a full 12 months (on-site) if QPS performs the start-up of the UPS system. Your cost for start-up: 5×8 (normal business hours) $1,050, 7×24 (after hours) $1,450, or Holidays/Sunday $1,900.

Here are the various links to the website for the specific product that may be of interest:

Has your UPS System been right-sized to your facility?