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Best Power Overview

While the Best Power brand line of UPS systems no longer exists, many of the Best Power units are still deployed in the telecommunication and healthcare fields. Now owned by Eaton Power Corp., the flagship UPS – the Best FERRUPS is still manufactured under the Eaton brand to this day.

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Best Power Unity Ferrups

The Best Power FERRUPS unit was available from 500VA to 18kVA and was highly customizable. The unit is a standby UPS system that relied on a large ferroresonant isolation transformer to provide conditioned power to the load. While the unit is relatively inefficient by current standards, it was a robust UPS system that is still manufactured under the Eaton FERRUPS label.

Best Power Axxium Pro double conversion UPS in a modular design

The Best Power Axxium Pro series was an online, double conversion UPS in a modular design, scalable from 3 – 18kVA. Available in a rack mounted configuration or stand-alone frame, the Best Axxium UPS allowed for internal redundancy, making it ideal for small data rooms or network closets.

Best Power Unity Three Phase 2

The Best Power Unity series was available in both a single phase or three phase configuration. The 3 phase line was available from 10kVA – 220kVA. The single phase series was available from 3 – 8kVA frames.