Can Your Backup Systems Withstand a Power Outage?

  • What is your plan for when the lights go out?
  • How long can your business afford to be without power? A minute? An hour?
  • Do you have sensitive customer information or data that would be at risk during a power outage?
  • Would an outage trickle down and affect customers that rely on you for their own day-to-day operations?
Can your backup systems withstand a power outage?

This is just the beginning of the list of questions you should be asking yourself. With current estimates showing the average business could lose close to $8,000 per minute during downtime, not having a backup power strategy puts your company at significant risk. An equipment failure, unplanned utility outage or weather disaster could happen at any moment and leave your company scrambling to get back up and running.

The expert service technicians and engineers at Quality Power Solutions know the questions to ask. Based on your answers, we’ll help you create a customized backup power strategy and maintenance plan that will leave you completely ready for any power loss scenario. Don’t leave yourself at risk. We’ll help keep your business running.

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