UPS Rental Units

UPS are critical to protecting your customers and their ability to safety function, we understand that.  So when faced with a catastrophic UPS failure that leads to the UPS not being usable, we have solutions to help.  

Quality Power Solution’s Technical Sales Engineer, John Connor has helped numerous customers with providing short term rental units, that we can rapidly install and get back online to make sure that your customer is protected.  “We try to provide a like for like rental whenever possible” John stated “Since we are providing the same make and model UPS unit that the customer had, we are able to get the unit online fast with minimal electrical infrastructure changes”.

Since Quality Power Solutions is an independent critical power supplier, we have access to all major manufacturers including Eaton, Vertiv, Toshiba, APC, SolarEdge, ABB and more we are able to find a unit that is going to be similar to what your customer had to replaced.  Currently our warehouse has over 100 different make and models ranging from 500 VA to 225 kVA.

Power System

Energy Backup System

Once our technical sales team has determined the make and model that is compatible with your current infrastructure, the next step is to prepare it for use.  “All units have new batteries that we pull from our stock here at QPS, or from one of our suppliers.” 

One last step before shipping the unit to your location. The unit is pulled into our test bay and has a complete inspection and stress test to make sure that it meets our rigorous standards.  Once the unit has passed our tests, it is shipped or delivered to your location along with one of our technicians to complete start of the unit.  It is because of this testing; we feel confident providing a full service maintenance contract on all of our rental units.  “Our 3-month commitment, and after that point the contract is structured month to month, positions us to have some of the most generous, and flexible options available” John stated. 

Along with a month-to-month option, we also have rent to own options if replacing the failed unit with new is not an option.

When one of your customers suffers a disaster, we understand that moving quickly to get a temporary unit is a huge benefit to both of us!  Complete the form below to start talking about how we can provide a rental unit for your customer!

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