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Reliable Power Backup for Hospitals and Clinics

Hospital Power Solutions

Healthcare facilities undoubtedly require the most reliable power backup solutions. Whether your facility is a small clinic or a conglomerate healthcare network, QPS can provide the expertise to keep you up and running in the most critical situations.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on QPS to prevent downtime when it matters most. We take a consultative approach and manage the entire power backup process from top to bottom. Find out how we can ensure your power management needs are met.

Find out out we can help you with your healthcare power service needs.

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Expert Power Management that Puts Patients First


    Ability to manage multiple sites and equipment requirements, from replacing generators to designing data centers.


    Expertise to oversee the long-term lifecycle of a healthcare UPS system, from installation to removal.


    Identification and implementation of strategies to increase efficiency. Engineering solutions that cut expenses.


    Expert, systematic site surveys and complete inventory management of UPS, DC, emergency lighting and generator systems.


    Service for a wide variety of UPS systems and generators as an independent service group, eliminating the need for you to manage multiple vendors.

UPS System for Hospital

Hospitals and patient care centers have chosen QPS as a partner to ensure critical power will not fail. Read how QPS assisted Affinity Health and Adair Memorial Hospital on their UPS needs.