V. Marchese Inc. Wholesale Fuits, Vegetables

V. Marchese Inc. Turnkey 600KW Generator

Generator Upgrade Case Study

Freshness guaranteed with flawless power backup solution

V. Marchese Inc., Milwaukee WI

Founded in 1932, V. Marchese Inc. is a family owned and operated wholesale company offering the finest fruits, vegetables, dairy and specialty products to customers throughout the midwest region. With continued growth over 70 years, more than 250 employees currently support the company’s mission to meet and exceed their customers’expectations.

With the addition of Cut Fresh operations five years ago, V. Marchese also provides convenience cutting services for their customers. To ensure that the cutting lines remain functioning, the company needed a solution to protect operations from power outages and anomalies.

As previously experienced, a loss of power had halted operations; causing decreased productivity, efficiency, customer fulfillment, and consequentially- a loss of money. To protect power for the entire facility, Quality Power Solutions recommended and implemented a 600kW generator solution in place of an obsolete generator that had only protected the data center and lighting.

The solution provided the security required to maintain healthy operations and ultimately add to the bottom line.

“We were in need of a generator and QPS was definitely the right choice. We had consulted with many other companies and found that they were very pricey and had many hidden costs. With QPS, prices were competitive, I was kept up to date, everything went smoothly and on schedule; and they are just all around nice and informative people. Because QPS, and especially Brian Loken, are very easy to work with, I highly recommend them!”

Salvatore Marchese, President
Milwaukee, WI