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A&E Manufacturing UPS System

A&E Manufacturing UPS system
  • Project Features

    Project Management
    Pre-owned Powerware 9170+ 9kVA UPS system
    Wall mount Make Before Break Maintenance Bypass Switch
    Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor
    Electrical Installation

  • Project Manager

    Brian Loken

Modular UPS Case Study

Keeping the family business running

A&E Manufacturing, Racine WI

A&E Tool, a family owned company located in Racine, WI, continues to grow and expand. From its humble beginnings at the height of the depression, the company has built a business foundation that will live on to future generations.

It continues serving its many loyal customers in a variety of business markets including quality hand tools, custom metal stamping and clutches. As the company has expanded, so has its need for clean, reliable power to ensure that it can continue to service clients in the event of a power failure.

Quality Power Solutions provided a turnkey solution that provided a scalable, modular UPS that would also properly sync with their existing generator.

QPS managed several aspects including electrical installation, permitting, and provided project management and support thoughout the process.

A turnkey solution is often desired to ensure that every detail of a project is considered and cared for.